Thursday, October 11, 2012

Holy Moly - FREE STUFF w/ Swagbucks, Irazoo, Can't Beat Free and Zoombucks!

Things I have bought over the last two years with my SWAGBUCKS, IRAZOO, CAN'T BEAT FREE and Zoombucks Money - Gift cards redeemed on
  • New:  Bluetooth wireless speaker!!
  • Archos 80 G9 Turbo ICS Tablet!!!
  • Archos 80 G9 CASE !!
  •  Archos 80 G9 screen protectors!!
  • DR. Heater - Infrared heater
  • Motorcycle jacket
  • Motorcycle helmet
  • Ipod touch - 32 Gig
  • B-day presents for Grand kids
  • Kindle
  • Kindle lighted Cover
  • Keurig Coffee maker
  • Saddle bags for bicycle
  • Phone holder for bicycle
  • Light for bicycle
  • Cell Phone Holder - Girls
  • Cell phone case protector
  • Cell phone holder for car
  • Shoes - Adidas Simply Tone
  • photo scanner

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Happy searching and winning!  Sandy

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Search n Win Sites are FUN!


Search and win websites are a great way to get a little extra cash or prizes for doing what we do anyway.. Search!

One of the sites is Swagbucks. It so much fun. I've been on it since March '09 and have acquired enough swagbucks to redeem 213 prizes, most of which were $5 gift cards. The one a few days ago was for $25! (That's over $1000 baby!)
The Swag Guy give out codes, usually daily, for free swagbucks. Be on the watch for them via facebook, twitter, the swagbucks blog , the swidget (below) or your friends.

Watch Swagbucks TV and win SB just for watching videos. Take surveys, participate in polls, and redeem coupons all for free Swagbucks!

Shopping is another way to get bucks. Shop at selected vendors and get 2 SB for every $1 you spend!

I love swagbucks cause there is no wondering... wondering if I will ever win, cause everyone can WIN. It's just a matter of time before you will acquire enough bucks to redeem them for something.
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See the specifics! Details of swagbucks....

The swagbucks widget is below~

Can't Beat Free

Found this website yesterday.... similar in concept. I am going to check it out! Please be my referral!.........................Can't Beat Free Link!


A new search and win site I discovered from Swagbucks Folks. Looks like it easy enough to win stuff here. Referrals like with Swagbucks help add to your points for stuff! They post Treasure codes for EXTRA BUCKS. IRAZOO is my second favorite Search n Win!! Check it out! Since April my rewards total $70 from Irazoo!!----------> iRazoo Link!
Zoombucks!Another search n win site I found. My third favorite.... Check it OUT.... Zoombucks Link

Have bunches of fun.... Sandy

Search & Win

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Swag Mail is important to get extra points!

See the little envelope towards the top of the home page on Swagbucks?  Open it and get a quick 3 bucks!

Follow the directions in one of the messages about watching a video advertisement, clicking on it and answering a quick survey... BOOM 3 easy swagbucks!  There is a message like that every day. 

Have fun searching,  winning and getting SWAGBUCKS!

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Video on Zoombucks Home Page!

A new video option is available on the Zoombucks home page.  It credited several times before it disappeared!  Get some easy points people!

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 Happy Searching and Winning... Sandy

Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Gift Card From Swagbucks!

Love Love Swagbucks!

Just got another $5

Happy Searching and Winning.... Sandy

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Don't forget to search and win!  Sandy